Leaked pics of next-gen iPhone SIM card tray suggest use of nano SIM

We’ve heard rumors for a while that suggest that the new iPhone would carry the Nano SIM standard. In fact, it’s speculated that European operators began ordering mountains of nanoSIMs weeks ago, in preparation for the next iPhone. Well, thanks to a French blog called Nowhere Else, images surfaced showing us a much better idea as to what the nano SIM card tray of the new iPhone will look like.

In the screenshot above and down below, you’ll notice how the nano SIM takes up less space than the old micro SIM in all the current GSM versions of the iPhone. Nothing has really changed besides the size of the tray, not only does it look the same, it will still require something like a paper clip to get your SIM out. This would allow engineers to work some of its magic, having more room to fit more components inside the handset.

This latest hint of Apple speculation, only adds to the ongoing rumors of a next-generation iPhone unveiling on September 12th. Many of us media folks, expect to see a slimmer body, a redesigned port to its charger, and a 4-inch display. Lets wait and see if any of this comes true next month.

[Nowhere Else (translated); via MacRumors]

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