Amazon Cloud Player to show Sonos devices some love

Sonos on its blog announced that its streaming-music players now support Amazon Cloud Player, adding to a list of supported devices which includes Spotify, Mog, and Songza. Amazon has been on a roll as of late when it comes to offering up its content and services. Recently, the giant e-commerce company released its ‘Amazon Instant Video’ service for the iPad. Before that, the company announced a new scan and match music service to compete with Apple’s iTunes Match. So yeah, Amazon’s been pretty busy.

The idea is to give users access to their complete Amazon Cloud Library directly from their Sonos devices, no matter how many devices they may have set up in different rooms in their home. Of course, there is a bit of a catch. If users want to store more than 250 songs in this cloud player, then they’d have to shell out $24.99 for a yearly subscription, which gives customers a 250,000 song cap. Keep in mind this only applies to those who want to upload songs from their computer (songs that weren’t purchased through the Amazon MP3 store).

That said, if you just buy songs through Amazon, you would have no need to pay that $24.99 premium. Besides, Amazon has better deals on music then Apple iTunes anyway.

[via cnet]

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