Did The Apple v. Samsung Jury Skimp On Decision?

This past week the grueling Apple v. Samsung patent infringement dispute came to a close as the jury decided in only 3 days that Samsung needs to pay Apple  $1.05 billion dollars for patent infringement on a number of their devices. After almost 50 hours of testimony, and jury instructions with over 600 questions to be answered, reports are pouring implying that the jury may have been a bit overwhelmed.

The verdict was 20 pages long, and came with a staggering 109 pages of instructions for the jury panel. The jury had to sift through and understand 12 patents, and along with it take into account the hours upon hours of professional testimony regarding patent law, practice, and implementation. The panel was shown exhibits, e-mails, and time and time again were asked to keep up with the slew of new information.


The jury may have taken just under 3 days to decide (which is already low for something of this magnitude and a case with this much evidence,) but the actual deliberation occurred for only 22 hours before a unanimous verdict was reached. Some are saying that this might not have been enough. The jurors are quick to defend themselves as one said “We didn’t just go into a room and start pitching cards into a hat.” An Australian patent lawyer told the Sydney Morning Herald that the decision was “ludicrously quick”

Samsung is hoping that the judge might over rule at least part of the jury’s decision, but only time will tell. As long as the decision remains, Samsung will be heading to appeals court to fight the outcome.

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