MetroPCS: We’re working on bringing Windows Phone 8 to marketplace

MetroPCS is on the verge of offering its customers many more options than it has in the past. Recently, the small regional carrier illustrated its plans of releasing a handful of phones in a roadmap, many of which carried LTE technology. One of those phones called the CoolPad Quattro was announced today. The company did explain the new direction it’s headed in with offering better phones at an event it held last week in New York City, which had the wireless provider teasing about its soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S III.

As you can clearly see, MetroPCS is making moves. Company COO Tom Key had more great news for customers in an interview with FierceWireless. The exec told the site its future plans to bring aboard Windows Phone 8 devices. Key said, “Windows Phone 8 we think has a place in the portfolio. We’re actually working with a manufacturer right now on bringing Windows Phone 8 to marketplace.”

The exec had more flattering things to say about Microsoft’s mobile operating system, as he compared Windows Phone users to those who use iProducts. He then went on to say that Microsoft spearheading WP8 with Nokia “is good for the mobile ecosystem.”

I don’t know, but this guy is really smitten with Ballmer and company, and wants to get MetroPCS some Windows Phone 8 love. It’s really a smart move for an exec to talk nicely about an up and coming platform, as it gives his company some hope of favorable treatment. Regardless of motivation, this can only be great for MetroPCS customers.

[via wpcentral]


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