Nokia shows off inductive chargers and other colorful accessories for its Lumia phones

Besides new phones, Nokia also showed off a handful of accessories that’ll let you listen to your music and charge your device in style. In typical Nokia style, the accessories are available in a rainbow colors. They include the following:

PlayUp wireless speaker: An NFC-enabled speaker from JBL that both plays and charges your Lumia device.

Nokia Purity Pro wireless headset: An NFC-enabled speaker that works by just tapping your phone to the headset.

Fatboy Wireless charging pillow: a wireless charging pillow that uses Qi inductive charging technology, similar to the Palm Pre. Thanks to a new partnership with Virgin Atlantic, Coffee Bean, and Tea Leaf, Nokia will place these charging pillows in Virgin lounges.

Wireless Charging Stand: a basic bedside or desk stand that’ll charge your device while it sits safely by your side.

Wireless Charging Shell: External shell for the Lumia 820 that provide a splash of color and a boost of energy for your phone.

Nokia also launched its streaming music service in the US this week. The service will come pre-loaded on Nokia’s US phones and will let customers pick tracks and create playlists from Nokia Music collection of over 17 million tracks.

[Via Nokia]

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