Brown and Black colored Galaxy S III phones to land on Verizon

Not too long ago, we learned that Samsung was planning to release three additional colors for its flagship Galaxy S III. Sammy failed to give us details on availability and pricing of these new colors expected to hit our shores. Thankfully, Verizon in an ad on its site, showed it will be getting the colors black and brown. Big Red has the sign-up page live for those looking to stay posted on when the colors should become available. We’re expecting the newly minted GSIII’s to carry the same price tag.

This is all apart of Samsung’s “inspired by nature” theme, by bringing the colors ‘Amber Brown’, ‘Sapphire Black’, and ‘Titanium Grey’ into the states. The Korean manufacturer already has a Garnet Red version available under AT&T, so the rollout of other colors only seems right. We wonder which carrier is getting its hands on the Titanium Grey variant of the Galaxy S III?

Giving customers more color options seem to be the new trend going on today, with Nokia doing it on its Lumia phones, and HTC with its upcoming Windows Phone 8x devices. Manufacturers adding different nuances to its handsets is not only good for consumers, but great in a market that’s hard to differentiate.

[Verizon; via Droid-Life]


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