Google Music gears up to launch iTunes Match competitor free of charge

What was once touted as a great feature from Apple that blew away the competition is now being bested by Google.

iTunes Match is a feature for iCloud users that will scan all the music in your library if it’s been imported from external sources and match that music with what iTunes offers and basically provide that same music directly from iTunes through the cloud. Apple charges $24.99 for this service. Soon, Google Music will do the same thing absolutely free of charge.

Google will scan and match your music for free, store your music for free, let you listen to that music for free, and sync the music across all of your devices for free. The service (it’s unclear right now if Google will have a specific name for it) will launch on November 13th in Europe. It’ll roll out in the United States two weeks later.

The company is just creaming Apple with its low-pricing strategy today. The $199 Nexus 7 is considerably lower than the iPad mini’s $329 price tag and now Google’s equivalent of iTunes Match will be totally free for consumers. Your move, Apple.

[via CNET]

  • It sure “pays” to be an apple fanboy !!

  • cojo71

    Google music has been doing this for a long time, what is your point? its been in the USA for over a year now works fine you get an upload facility and can share up to 7 Devices 25000 songs you have storage space for

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