Verizon’s HTC DLX aka Droid DNA caught at the FCC

Verizon's HTC DLX aka Droid DNA caught at the FCC

Verizon is moving ahead with the HTC DLX aka Droid DNA launch with the device getting the FCC approval, which as you know is required for any phone to be sold on the U.S. soil. The Commission’s listing talks about the device marked as HTC6435LVW, and Engadget thinks this is the American version of the HTC J Butterfly (unveiled in Japan). All the “right” radios come built-in, providing support for Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands, as well as HSPA for some globetrotting.

Of course, we can’t really tell when the Big Red carrier will officially announce the new phone but if that doesn’t happen in the next few weeks, the chances are we’ll see it unveiled during the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. If we’re lucky enough, the Droid DNA will be included in Verizon’s Christmas offering…

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