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With Turkey Day fast approaching, what better way to get in the mood then buy yourself a new smartphone or tablet? One thing most people love to do is get themselves an accessory that both protects their gadget and make it look good. Gadgets are expensive toys, so in order for you to get the most out of them, you’ll need some awesome accessories to go with them. So we here at IntoMobile put together a nice top five accessories list for when you’re out running through the hectic shopping malls.

Checkout the cool stuff we have down below.


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G-Form: Extreme Edge

This case is a one-size-fits-all for larger tablets such as iPads or any 10-inch Android slate. Its manufacturer considers it the “World’s first in-use open-face case for tablets.” The special case is made with Reactive Protection Technology to guarantee maximum protection. In simple terms, its key purpose is to protect your slate from nasty falls. Checkout the rugged tablet cover  in this video showing the Extreme Edge protecting an iPad from being “slingshot” onto pavement HERE. You can get the Extreme Edge at for $44.95.

Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation Duo

One of the annoying things about owning a smartphone or tablet is the amount of battery life they use throughout the day. The way you can solve this problem is by getting yourself a juice pack. Don’t waste your time testing out a product from a shady manufacturer, instead you should go with a company widely respected in the industry. Mophie, known for its wildly popular iPhone charger cases, happens to be one of those companies.

The Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation Duo will set you back $99.95, but it can charge two devices at the same time. This thing is good for your smartphone, tablet or any other USB charging device.


Samsung C-Pen

We live in an Android and iOS world, so it’s only right we share the love and present an Android accessory after showcasing one for iOS. Here we have a pretty neat accessory from Samsung that you could get for your Samsung Galaxy S III. The GSIII’s screen is a roomy 4.8-inches, and the best way to use that much real estate is to have a tool that can bring out its hidden potential. With the Samsung C-Pen, users get precision when it comes to touch, as it is perfect for popular apps like Draw Something and it provides you with much more accurate typing and note-writing. The C-Pen costs $22.28 on Amazon.


Elago M2 Mobile Stand

The Elago M2 Mobile Stand is a nice looking mount for your desktop at home. It offers comfortable viewing angle for video calls, watching movies, or charging. Your phone can be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation. It’s lightweight, but made of solid metal and pretty stable thanks to slip resistant pads on the bottom which also allow for one-handed operation. The Elago M2 Mobile Stand cost $25.


Belkin Portfolio Sleeve Carrying Case for Kindle Fire HD 7″

Belkin has a reputation for making pretty good products. This carrying case for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is top-notch quality that comes in three colors: Black, Violet and Ruby. You can grab these sleek-looking cases from Amazon for the price of $19.99. Free two-day shipping is offered to those of you who are Amazon Prime members.

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    And everyone should also check out Jabra Stone 2 – not a new product, but one of my favorites.

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