HSPA+ Nexus 7 sold out in Google Play Store

Surprise, surprise. It looks like the Nexus 7 tablet that’s touting HSPA+ powers has officially sold out in the Google Play Store. As of right now, you won’t be able to grab one of these bad boys until the search giant restocks. This falls in line with the 16GB and 8GB versions of the Nexus 4, as well as the 32GB version of the Nexus 10.

Google’s certainly garnered more hype for the Nexus line than it ever has before. The line tends to be reserved for die-hard Android fans, but it seems like the new Nexus devices have even caught the attention of many average consumers. Of course, Google is shoving ads of the new devices in your face virtually everywhere online.

What really sets these devices apart from the competition is the price. While Google has heavily subsidized the devices in the Play Store, the prices of these device aren’t too far off from the carrier subsidized prices that have a two-year contract attached. All of the Nexus devices (with cellular radios) are offered up contract free, so we’re hardly surprised to see them sell out.

You probably have a couple of weeks before Google will be getting more of the devices in stock, so stay tuned!

[Via: Droid-Life]

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