UTuneMe brings audio ads to a smartphone near you

UTuneMe brings audio ads to a smartphone near you

Like we’re not already bombarded by ads on the mobile web and apps, Finland-based Exaget is launching a new audio advertising platform called UTuneMe. Their promise is simple – replace traditional audio advertising with smarter geo-targeted content, relying on the location data from a customer’s smartphone.

To that end, the company will released a dedicated Android app in December, followed by an iOS application at the beginning of 2013.

In case you wonder, Exaget is founded by an experienced team who previously worked together at Nokia, hinting us these guys know what they’re doing. As I’m writing this, they’re pitching broadcasters to provide them with capability to reach customers with personalized news, traffic, weather and deals based on location and customer demographic.

Interested partners get a self-service platform for creating, uploading and launching campaigns; along with a data analytics toolbox to optimize campaigns and track results.

If I had to choose between relevant and non-relevant ads, I’m going for the former. In that sense, we hope that UTuneMe will at least bring us less annoying ads. We’ll see…

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