Shocking: Teenager steals the iPhone from a quadriplegic man

Teenager steals the iPhone from a quadriplegic man

Some men you just can’t reach… I understand we’re living in tough economic times, but there’s a line no one should cross. Like stealing from disabled person. And that’s exactly what happened to William Washington, a quadriplegic man with cerebral palsy whose iPhone has been stolen by some teenager.

William Washington, 38, is unable to walk, use his hands or talk, and he could only watch as his gadget was taken right off the tray of his wheelchair in the lobby of his Staten Island apartment building. Washington was using his iPhone at the time using a special pointer to type a message that would be spoken with voice technology. Unsurprisingly he described feeling helpless and “scarred.”

The good news is that police made an arrest but the 18-year-old alleged thief no longer had Washington’s phone. And thanks to great friends, a new iPhone is on the way. Someone should teach that kid a lesson…

[Via: NBC]

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