BlackBerry Z10 leaked again; One heading to Verizon, the other to AT&T

BlackBerry Z10 leaked again

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing the “caught in the wild” image of the forthcoming BlackBerry Z10, which will likely be unveiled on January 30th. However, this time we know that the two BlackBerry smartphones pictured above are coming to the U.S. shores. The model on the left is heading to Verizon Wireless (there’s the carrier logo at the top), while the right one is apparently AT&T-bound (though it lacks carrier branding). The iPhone is in the middle.

Those who had a chance to play with the Z10 say that the build quality is really nice with the back cover feeling rubbery. The screen is also great, web browser is snappy and it comes with Flash support. Evernote integration, which we’ve mentioned before, comes preloaded; while the new AppWorld looks similar to Google Play store.

Sounds pretty promising and we can’t wait to try one of these ourselves…

[Via: BusinessInsider]

  • zacamandapio

    Im liking it more!!!
    Come out now!!!

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