Verizon sold 6.2 Million iPhones in 4Q 2012

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Verizon is fresh off another impressive quarter that saw the company bring in 2.2 million retail net customers, of which 2.1M were lucrative retail postpaid connections. The largest wireless provider in the United States seen revenues hit $20.0 billion in fourth-quarter 2012, up 9.5 percent year over year.

Big Red also wanted to let everyone know how many iPhones it sold, because you know, that’s the standard today. Verizon sold 6.2 million iPhones last quarter, according to Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo. The total number of iPhones sold is amazing, however, Shammo made it clear that only half of those sales came from the iPhone 5, with the other half coming from both the iPhone 4 and 4S.

And here’s a couple more factoids from Verizon’s incredible fourth quarter: Big Red activated 9.8 million smartphones in the period, with 30 percent new to the carrier. Nearly 90 percent of its contract phone sales were smartphones.

These numbers show the ridiculous growth of smartphone users in this country. Many polls or surveys, show that at least half of the country uses smartphones, and the number is only growing by the quarter. In a few years, the country will be saturated with phones with brains. Soon you’re great grandmother will have one of these phones — if she doesn’t have one already.

[via cnet]


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