Sony’s Personal Content Station is a dedicated backup machine for your mobile devices; Hitting Japan in April

Sony's Personal Content Station is a dedicated backup machine for your mobile devices

Sony’s Personal Content Station (model number LLS-201) has been officially announced in Japan. It’s a somewhat strange device as it makes your mobile gadgets (smartphones and tablets) feel like they’re “real” computers that need regular backups. To some extent modern mobile devices are computers, but they are also a bit different as most of us have them connected to various cloud-based services for backup and sharing. Plus, our essential data like contacts and calendars are usually synced up with services like GMail and GCal (or whichever you prefer).

On the other hand, moving media from a phone/tablet to the computer can be a pain, and to that end Sony’s Personal Content Station can provide a helping hand. It will not only backup all your media (and other data) via Wi-Fi, but also make for seamless pairing thanks to the use of NFC technology (if your phone/tablet supports it). In addition, there are USB ports and an SD card slot so you can “manually” transfer media if you fancy so. As an added bonus, Sony’s box also packs an HDMI out to allow you to watch those photos and videos on a big screen TV.

The device comes with a 1TB drive, which should be more than enough for most of us. As I’m writing this, Sony is gearing towards the Personal Content Station (can we call it PCS?) launch scheduled for April 30th. The device will cost $299 and we’ve no information whether it will be ever released outside Japan. Would you like one of these?

[Via: Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    Sounds crazy but I like it. No need for manual backups or way-to-slow cloud syncing (for media files).

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