RIM unveils its new BlackBerry 10 OS

BlackBerry announced its new BlackBerry OS in late 2011 and today, the Canadian company took the final wraps off its shipping product. There were no big surprises in the presentation as most of the details have been revealed in earlier BB10 events or leaked to the Internet in the past few weeks. Nonetheless, it’s worth some time to review some of the salient features RIM has brought to the table.

BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub is the home for all your communications and events. The unified inbox will pull in your latest emails, Facebook status updates, Tweets, BBM messages, calendar events and more. You can respond to invites, requests and more right in the hub. Includes tight integration of Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, FourSquare.


Balance is for the business user who wants one phone for everything. A personal side for their personal communications and a business side for their works. With Balance, a single gesture lets you move between the personal space on your phone and the business space. Apps and settings can be customized for each space. Each side is secured separately, so you boss can’t access your tweets and your kids can’t respond to your corporate emails.

Peek and Flow

Peek and Flow describes a new gesture-based navigation in BB10 that lets you swipe between apps, services and alerts. It;s a smooth one-handed experience.

Virtual Keyboard

BB10 has a new on-screen keyboard with super-smart predictive text that’ll learn as you type. Thorsten Heins called it “writing without typing.” With support for gestures, it offers a one thumb typing experience.

New BlackBerry Messenger App

The new BlackBerry Messenger now includes audio and video calling over VoIP. There’s also a cool screen sharing feature that lets share your phone’s screen while you chat.

BlackBerry Remember

Blackberry Remember is a central repository for all the important details in your life. You can flag emails, web pages, other media that you want to remember. It lets you create lists and notes that you can seamless sync to Evernote and Outlook Notes and Tasks.

Photo Editor and StoryMaker

BlackBerry 10 ships with a built-in photo editor that’ll have you editing photos in not time. It use gestures to add effects and styles to your photos and is designed for on-device mobile editing. Story Maker is a companion app that lets you. Lets you connect photos, videos, music into a simple, but expressive slideshow.

[Via BlackBerry]

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