GetGlue updates iPhone app, brings new feeds, ads and personalized guides

GetGlue, a social network app, today announced a long overdue update to its iPhone application. The social network company added some significant features in version 4.0, including a main feed that now combines updates from friends and shows, a new smart, personalized guide to improve your second-screen viewing experience and the launch of new “Show Pages.” Here’s a look of the new additions below:

What’s New in Version 4.0

  • A personalized guide for TV, movies and sports.
  • Get recommendations for the best shows and movies on now.
  • Check-in and chat with friends and fans while you watch.
  • Enjoy the best clips, photos and articles for your favorite shows and movies.
  • Never miss a key premiere, finale or major event that’s important to you.
  • Unlock stickers and other rewards from your favorite shows.

This is a long ways from where GetGlue was a few months back, as the company saw itself in a potential merger with Viggle. Unfortunately, the $60 million deal has taken an eternity to happen, so things were subsequently called off. Both companies would have occupied roughly 80-85 percent of the second screen TV base. Viggle and GetGlue together made sense, because both together would have gotten the Social TV experience off the ground.

[via iTunes App Store]

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