PS Vita price cut proves to be a good move in Japanese market

The PS Vita’s recent price cut that went live late last month has already proven to be a smart move by Sony in Japan. In an interview with GameWatch, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano announced that the sales of the handheld gaming unit have quadrupled since the price cut that started on February 28th in comparison to the two weeks prior to the cut.

Sony cut the prices of both the WiFi-only (24,980 yen) and 3G/WiFi (29,980 yen) models of the PS Vita to the same 19,980 yen price point, which is about $213. While other markets outside of Japan likely won’t see a price cut of this kind anytime soon, it does speak well for the Vita right now. The handheld gaming system is interesting and powerful enough, and has a decent selection of titles available for it, but it’s remained an expensive piece of kit for many people.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a price cut in other markets as the release of the Playstation 4 nears, as Sony is touting some nice new features that extend the handheld’s functionality. I personally use my Vita to play my old school PS classics, but the Vita is poised to take a much bigger role going forward. That’s to say there isn’t another model on its way soon..

Are any of you rocking a PS Vita right now? If not, would a nice price cut like what we’ve seen in Japan make you pull the trigger?

[Via: GameSpot]



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