Flipboard 2.0 arrives with custom magazines, comments, recommendations

One of the most popular iPad apps of all time, Flipboard, is out with version 2.0 of its app. It’s nothing too radical, but it does bring an abundance of new features. Overall, it helps move the app into the future and intensify competition with other personalized magazines like Zite.

The main attraction in Flipboard 2.0 is that any user can now create their own custom magazines with any topic and any content. You can make your magazines private for yourself or public for other Flipboard users to access and save. If it’s public, there’s even a chance Flipboard’s curators will feature it if it’s good enough. When browsing through regular magazines, you can add specific articles to the magazine as well.

You can view all of your magazines in the new Content Guide within the red ribbon. This stores a table of contents, your personalized magazines, notifications, and more. Notifications will come in handy for the new commenting feature, which allows you to view comments on a story from other Flipboard users and add your own by tapping the source’s avatar.

On the lower end of the new feature list but still quite useful is the new Recommended Reading section under Cover Stories which is custom tailored, better navigational tools like subsection sidebars and faster section switching, and the ability to publish your activity on Flipboard to your Facebook Timeline via Open Graph.

The free app update to the already free Flipboard app is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and should be coming soon to Google Play.

[via AndroidHeadlines]

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