Sony developing Cyber-shot camera, Walkman music Xperia smartphones?

Rumor has it Sony is planning to unveil at some point in 2013 two new Xperia Android smartphones that mix in another one of Sony’s famous brand names. There’s the possibility of an Xperia device with a Cyber-shot branded camera built in as well as another Xperia smartphone with a Walkman music player.

The Sony Cyber-shot phone would be a 5-inch Android handset with the main feature being its camera. Everyone looks for a stellar camera in a smartphone these days because no one likes having to upload crappy photos to Facebook. Nokia has built up a pretty good reputation for its PureView line of smartphones with great cameras, for instance. Sony could attempt to do the same. I personally own a Cyber-shot camera and would definitely recommend one.

Walkman is a brand that Sony does not seem like it ever wants to retire. We all know it best as being the¬†coolest portable music player to own a couple of decades ago, but even today Sony still uses the brand for some of its music-related products. Tacking it on to an Xperia phone could be beneficial, although its lost its coolness factor among today’s teenagers. This phone would also have a 5-inch display, according to the tips given to PhoneArena.

It looks like Sony is really trying to step up its game for 2013. Its Xperia smartphone haven’t achieved much success, but it’s possible the branding strategy might help give it a boost.

[via TalkAndroid]


  • tom

    Sony has already released many phones with Cyber Shot & Walkman branding. This is nothing new.

    • xperiajunkie

      Lol… how?

  • Ned Danov

    I think that would be better if Sony integrates phone capabilities into their Cyber-Shot cameras instead of developing new phone with Cyber-Shot camera capabilities.

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