Top Five Twitter Apps for Android

With so many Twitter apps out there, it can be a challenge to find one that fits all of your needs. Sure, Twitter is a simple communication tool that utilizes messages of 140 characters, but it is also fairly complex in its feature set. Most apps utilize all of Twitter’s features, but do so in very different ways, both aesthetically and technically. To help you find the Twitter app that’s right for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top five Android Twitter apps available today.

Official Twitter App

If you’ve been using the web version of Twitter and aren’t looking for any bells and whistles, than the official Twitter app is for you. The UI has just been redesigned, making the app much more visually pleasing. It looks almost identical to the web interface, with a blue bar at the top of the screen that contains icons for searching and composing tweets. Below the top blue bar is a black bar, which allows users to switch between columns such as home, mentions, trending tweets and the user’s profile. If you have been using the web version of twitter and like to keep your twitter experience clean and simple, than this may be the app for you.

Download From Google Play: Free Version

Carbon For Twitter

The Carbon Twitter app is one of the most sleek and beautiful I’ve used thus far. Unfortunately, the app is only optimized for smartphones, but can work on certain tablets. Carbon uses a matte black background, and utilizes 3D-ish animations when swiping through columns. At the bottom of the screen lies a grey bar which displays the user’s profile picture in the middle, with a plus sign residing on the left which composes new tweets. On the right side of the bar is a button that when pressed brings a vertical sidebar that allows users quick access to favorites, lists, trending tweets, search, filters and settings. Multiple accounts are supported, for those avid tweeters who have more than one Twitter account.

Download From Google Play: Free Version


Plume for Android bears quite a resemblance in layout to the official Twitter app, with a bar at the top of the screen with buttons for refreshing the feed, composing messages and accessing settings. By swiping right from the feed column, a vertical menu is displayed, which allows easy access to search, favorites, trends and lists. Plume also allows users to add columns based on hashtags, mentions, favorites and more. Facebook is also supported in Plume, allowing users to add their Facebook feed as a column. Plume also offers multiple Twitter account support.

Download From Google Play: Free Version


TweetDeck for Android offers multiple account support for both Twitter and Facebook, and displays tweets in columns that can be changed with a swipe. TweetDeck displays a bar on the bottom of the screen, with buttons that allow quick composition of messages, access to users accounts, search and a compass which displays location embedded tweets on a map. Users can add columns based on hashtags, mentions and searches. Users of the desktop client and Chrome app can seamlessly sync their columns and settings to the mobile app, making TweetDeck a great cross-platform Twitter solution.

Download From Google Play: Free Version

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro is an amazingly beautiful and functional twitter app, which has its own built-in web browser and allows for inline viewing of videos and photos. The app has both a dark and light theme, and sports a double sliding menu UI, which when swiped right displays a menu with access to the users timeline, mentions, direct messages, search and setting. When swiping left from the home screen, a vertical menu which displays lists, saved searches and trends appears. The app has been optimized for Android tablets as well, and looks and functions impressively. The only downfall of Falcon Pro is that it does not support multiple Twitter accounts, so avid tweeters are out of luck.

Download From Google Play: Paid Version ($1.96)

So there you are folks, our top five picks for Android Twitter apps. Don’t just take our word for it though, give them a try for yourself! Are there any Twitter apps that you like that we have missed? Let us know below. And happy tweeting!

  • Ahem…you forgot Tweetcaster. IMO Everything on that list (with the exception of my hands down fav Falcon Pro) barely registers above Meh, it’s OK and certainly is no competition for the likes of Tweetcaster and Falcon Pro.

    • blakestimac

      I’d have to disagree. Tweetcaster is awful in my opinion. It’s down there with Seesmic for me. Falcon Pro is great but lacks simple features any client should have.

      Plume has been my go-to Twitter app for a long time, but I’ll probably jump to Falcon Pro when it gets multiple account support.

      • Tweetcaster certainly makes no attempt at holo UI design, but the sheer amount of features it offers it offers won me over in yesteryear. I’ve switched to using Falcon Pro almost exclusively now, but only really because it works better with Tweetmarker. I still miss Tweetcasters search and tbh I enjoyed the layout. To each their own though, I love the huge selection we have of twitter clients on android and hope twitter doesn’t keep pulling the d-bag card and killing the good ones off with unnecessary API changes and limitations.

        We definitely agree on how bad Seesmic is… tried it one time when OneLouder put out a non working release of Tweetcaster and I don’t know if I even made it a day before uninstalling and moving onto something else.

  • misternobg

    Who says that official Twitter app doesn’t support multiple account? Just go to user’s profile tap on settings than again settings and under your account there is add additional twitter accounts. Is this multiple account support or what? After new update the app is awesome clean & simple. I use Plume too but it’s too colorful.

  • No more Tweetdeck for Android

  • BrothaDave

    Ubersocial is cool but there are a few bugs, you can view photos in timeline and have multi accounts but vine and a few other services don’t work in the preview window. looking to switch to Falcon pro soon if Ubersocial doesn’t fix the bugs

  • Chaucers Left Testicle

    Falcon Pro won’t be a viable option until its API issues are addressed.

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