Verizon Drops Price of Samsung Galaxy S III to $99

Verizon has dropped the price of its 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S III to $99 with a new contract agreement, heralding the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the network. While we have not heard a peep from Verizon about the date of availability of Samsung’s new flagship phone, a price cut this deep leads us to believe that Verizon would like to clear its backstock of the Galaxy S III to make way for Samsung’s shiny new handset.

A few carriers have announced a timeline for pre-orders, with the Galaxy S4 going up for pre-order on US Cellular and AT&T on April 16th, and T-Mobile’s pre-orders beginning around May 1st. None of the carriers above have announced when the device will ship, but we can’t imagine the device shipping less than a few weeks later than their pre-order dates.

Even though Verizon has been mum on their plans for the Galaxy S4, we have seen the FCC filings that detail Verizon’s variant of the device. We have also heard previously that some of Samsung’s software features that are on the Galaxy S4 will be making their way to the Galaxy S III, so if you’re jonesing for a Galaxy S4 but can’t afford the high price tag, jump on this deal by heading over to Verizon’s website.

[Via: Verizon]

  • Mike Thornhill

    Oh pricey Verizon, your finally lowering your price? Well I just snagged my Galaxy SIII on T-Mo for only $69…AND w/o a contract agreement…AND unlimited everything…AND I get 2 upgrades per year w/ a small but I’m sure reasonable fee…AND once I pay the phone off my monthly payment will shrink. Oh Verizon, I heard you also just changed your wait time on a new device to 24 mo…Verizon, how are you still making money, oh thats right your price gouging your current customers. Glad I ditched you a few months ago!

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