83 percent of Americans don’t know BlackBerry 10 even launched

Well, RIM’s not off to a good start with the launch of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and new BlackBerry Z10 phone. Let’s be real though: did anyone actually think BlackBerry 10 was going to be RIM’s total saving grace? While it’s a definite step up from the BlackBerry models we’ve come to loathe, the problem RIM is having is that no one seems to give a damn, at least according to recent polls.

MKM Partners researched BlackBerry 10 by the numbers and found, well, some pretty bad ones. When asked the question, “Are you aware that BlackBerry 10 was launched in Canada and Europe in late January 2013?” 82.6 percent of respondents said “No.” To be fair, Americans are being asked about a Canadian and European launch, but for nearly 83 percent of them to not know anything about RIM’s new flagship product months after a pretty large debut is still pretty sad.

Additionally, The Wall Street Journal reported that over 50 percent of BlackBerry Z10 buyers ended up returning it, which would mean returns are outnumbering sales. This is a claim RIM later denied, stating that return rates are on par with other smartphones.

Another poll indicated that 71.4 percent of participants said they would never buy a BlackBerry compared to 31.3 percent saying the same about Android and 19.7 percent saying that about an iPhone.

After all this I think it’s safe to say RIM has a real problem on its hands. Even with BlackBerry 10, the platform has failed to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers. What’s next will either be imminent doom or a miraculous turnaround.

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  • JC

    This article wasted 2 min of my Life! BlackBerry is Back! If you like or not! Get your facts right before writing a article!

    • Roaduardo

      It’s always and odd thing to see someone express such loyalty and defensive attitude towards a mobile phone company or any private company really. RIM is on the decline and I don’t see that changing this year. iOS and Android are the two top mobile OS in the world now, with Windows Mobile trying to get as close to them as possible.

      The world doesn’t want RIM products anymore. What’s wrong with that?

      • Nadim Remtulla

        You cant speak for the World. The World will speak for itself. To add, yes, Android and iOS are on top. BlackBerry is set to be #3. After that, there is much at large for all 3 companies. Do you have facts to support your decline? Clearly not. Get your facts straight before you start ranting on.

        • Roaduardo

          The Wall Street Journal and other tech sources clearly show the decline. So no sir, I’m not speaking for the world but rather just pointing out how RIM is in a sharp decline.

          Again, I do wonder where this harsh defense is coming from. Why are Blackberry users so defensive?

          • Nadim Remtulla

            And why are you non-BlackBerry users so negative? Have you even used the device?

          • Roaduardo

            I’m not negative, I’m simply pointing out a negative fact about the current situation RIM is experiencing. That’s it. I’m just a curious bystander here.

            I’ve used Blackberry devices off and on since 2002. I do miss my old 9300, it was reliable and simple to use. But since using iPhones and other Android devices over the years I’ve settled on using Android as my primary daily driver.

            RIM devices just don’t serve my needs any more. Android devices are quite customizable and I’ve rooted every device I’ve had. I love that freedom. Finding a ROM that suits my needs. The development of Android is quite popular and I can always find new ways to exploit a capability of my Android device which currently is the Galaxy S3.

            I wish RIM the best but it’s not looking good for them.

          • If you’re half technical you cannot lose going Android. Google Navigator with voice search alone is a game changer. Voice texting? So many vendors if you can’t find something you like you’re just plain crabby!

          • Nadim Remtulla

            It’s people like you, and companies like Detwiler Fenton, which make fake acquisitions about the company. These people are the ones who are bringing the company down. BlackBerry is a company of innovation, and has learnt from their mistakes in the past. They have created a new OS and have new hardware to compete with a competitive market. They know what users want. They have delivered an exemplary device. If you have anything to say about the company, it should be a positive comment!

          • Roaduardo

            I don’t see how any comment or opinion I would have of a company should be positive. Why should I only express a positive opinion of a phone manufacturer? That’s such a strange thing to demand from private citizens.

            Like I said, I hope RIM the best but they’re not doing well.

      • Ray

        i want still blackberry products compared to ios and android. i wont even name every single reason why i prefer blackberry over ios or android, ill just name a few that came to my head right now for some reason:

        with blackberry you get up-to-date, timely updates with all the features on every device that has the specs to handle it no matter what. on ios you dont get all the features and on android, lol most phone get one update tops covered with the phone makers bs and a few get two updates but its filled with bugs.

        with blackberry you get removable batter. you cant do that with iphones and only some android phones let you do that.

        with blackberry you get expandable storage. iphones cant do that. only some androids let you do that.

        with blackberry you get top notch security and privacy. lol iphone and android are anti privacy and security.

        with blackberry you get all the ports standard, for example, usb and hdmi. on iphones you dont. im not sure if all androids do this or not.

        with blackberry you actually get hdmi ports. iphone lol never had. im not sure on android though.

        EDIT: Blackberry is actually number one in a lot of the world at least and a lot of people prefer blackberry over the rest. ive noticed iphone, although inferior, is number one in america because sadly most of the worlds sheep are american. im american too so dont go bashing me, its just the truth and most will probably know it too.

  • US not a leader anymore.
    No wonder Mercedes left Chrysler…….
    They came back much stronger.
    Same thing for Blackberry.IOS is obsolette .They will sell watches in the end of the year.

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