Rumor: Ruggedized Samsung Galaxy S4 in The Works?

Is a ruggedized Samsung Galaxy S4 in the works? That’s the latest buzz today after a comment from Samsung’s CEO, Young Soo Kim, at today’s Samsung Gulf press conference in Dubai today.

When questioned about why Samsung has yet to make a waterproof device, Kim responded by saying that a water and dust proof device is in the works and that it will be announced officially in the next few weeks.

We’ve still yet to hear any rumors about this development, so suffice it to say we are a tad bit weary of this rumor. With no ruggedized version of the Samsung Galaxy S III released, we cannot reference Samsung’s past decisions. But it would also not be surprising, as Samsung has decided to turn the volume up to eleven in 2013 regarding device release and marketing.

The ruggedized Galaxy S4 would be somewhat similar to the Sony Xperia Z, which has seen many a soak test and every possible form of device torture one could imagine.

What are your thoughts on a ruggedized Galaxy S4? Is there some cred to this rumor, or is it just a ¬†fanboy’s pipe dream?

[Via: Android Central]

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