Samsung Galaxy S 4 VS iPhone 5 Drop Test [VIDEO]

Smartphone drop tests are done to show the durability of one smartphone pitted against another, but they’re also pretty darn fun to watch. This time around, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is put against Apple’s iPhone 5.

The results may sound a bit obvious given the build materials on each device, but the results are given through some rather extreme tests. Chances are that if you accidentally drop either of these phones out of your pocket that they will still be able to hold their own, but hopefully you don’t go testing this out for yourself.

Both devices were tested by dropping at pocket and chest height, with the third drop above the test conductor’s head, reaching a little more than 7 feet in the air.

At the end of the tests, Apple’s iPhone 5 escaped without too many dramatic blemishes, where the Galaxy S 4 met the plastic phone gods. We can only hope to see a sturdier Android phone, like the HTC One gets pitted against the very solid iPhone 5 next time.

Check out the video below!

[Via: TechnoBuffalo]

  • It wouldn’t really matter what materials the Galaxy S4 was made out of, the bigger screen surface area is going to lead to more damage.

  • djmuzi

    The metal case of the iPhone 5 safed it. The plastic case of SGS4 is responsible for the glass break coz it didn’t provide the stability

  • Luis

    thank you for the video.

    apple builds quality

  • Ok. As an iPhone 4S user, I am duly impressed. My phone has stood up to a beating as well. I still keep mine in a $15 protective case too. No reason to take chances with a $2,000 phone!

  • !!!

    Well thats one thing the I phone has going for it. Still undecided on what phone I will own come June. I have the I phone 4 and have put it thru Hell and and it still is pretty much defect free. Thanks for the video very cool!!

    • Steve Gonzales

      I love how you said, “Well that’s one thing I phone has going for it.” What a huge statement!! Only……”one thing”……ha ha ha ha!!

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