BlackBerry fans team-up to boycott Netflix

BlackBerry fans team-up to boycott Netflix

BlackBerry users don’t like Netflix and their policy to keep its mobile client out of the Canadian company’s new platform. Few unofficial apps found their way to the BlackBerry World, but were promptly pulled after the video streaming/rental service complained.

To make things worse, Netflix has iterated that it won’t support BlackBerry 10 because its user base isn’t large enough to justify the investment needed to port the app to the new platform.

The company’s CEO, who used to be a BlackBerry user himself and has switched to the iPhone in the meantime, will rather “wait and see” until BlackBerry 10 reaches the tipping point.

Some BlackBerry users don’t like how this sounds, hence they’re organizing a Netflix boycott. This post at CrackBerry forums hopes to get as many BB10 users on board as possible, making Netflix pay for its decision. In fact, they hope that the decision to avoid developing a BlackBerry 10 app will cost the company “millions of dollars in revenue loss.” Now we have to see whether there’s enough BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 users for Netflix to notice…

  • Chico

    Really…………………who gives a damn!

  • William

    I’ve already dropped Netflix for this very reason.

  • Richard Shipp

    So Blackberry users cry because they really want Netflix. Then they realize that they can’t ever have it and now will boycott it. Sounds like a bunch of immature cry babies to me. “I don’t want it now. waaaaaa”!

    • Gregg Butler

      Funny when I see some one calling another group of people as “cry babies” it usually means they have alternative motives or their father abandoned them as a baby.

  • 209670938609387

    We tried that tactic with webOS, and now webOS doesn’t exist. Good luck with that.

  • fukrichardshipp

    It’s not about wanting Netflix. It’s about sending a message. Fuccck Richard Shit.

  • Gregg Butler

    My message was sent. cancelled my account.

  • kkritsilas

    Let’s be realisitc; Ii Netflix doesn’t care to support BB10, they have already said that there aren’t enough users to support development, so even if every BB10 user were to have Netflix, and cancelled their account, it would most likely be irrelevant to Netflix, or at least to the extent that they wouldn’t develop a BB10 app. Besides, if all BB10 users were to cancel their account, what would be Netflix’s motivation to develop the app, now that all of the BB10 users are no longer customers.


  • Joe

    Netflix is a big deal in the US but elsewhere it means nothing. It also depends on how you use your phone. If you like to watch their stuff on your phone then it is a big deal. They are doing some good stuff – like actually developing content. But they could go down big in a year or two still. They will probably go html 5 by the end of this year and all will be good – streaming video is not a big deal app wise. Next Gen apps are starting to be created. Will the current iOS or android support complex apps – NO. Things are about to get interesting.

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