Seven Verizon Devices Will Be AWS LTE Ready, Including BlackBerry Q10 and Nokia Lumia 928

It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be the only device to gain support for Verizon’s upcoming AWS LTE network upgrade. According to a report from Laptop Mag, Verizon has confirmed that seven devices will be ready to take advantage of the new AWS upgrade when it goes live. Devices that will utilize the AWS spectrum include the Galaxy S4, the Nokia Lumia 928 and the Blackberry Q10, as well as two unnamed 10-inch Samsung tablets, two Jetpack mobile hotspots and one USB antenna.

Verizon’s Advanced Wireless Services network is expected to go live later this year. The service allows Verizon to take advantage of airwaves residing on Band 4 of the spectrum, adding capacity to its LTE network which currently operates on Band 13. The upgrade should be quite a significant one, with Verizon claiming double the data speeds than currently available on its LTE network.

Verizon claims that “most” of its devices released from this point forward will support the AWS service, so if you’re looking to upgrade your device, make sure and check that it is AWS compatible so that you won’t get left in the dust when Verizon improves its LTE network later this year.

[Via: Laptop Mag]

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