Friday Funnies: Screw The iWatch, Gimme The Hands-Free Whopper!

In this age of multitasking, devices are appearing that claim to help us get more done, faster. Wearable tech is being touted as the next step in this direction, with products such as Google Glass and the iWatch promising to enhance our busy lives. But can these devices feed us? Not yet. Burger King is stepping in to solve this problem, unveiling its new piece of wearable tech in Puerto Rico, and it looks delicious.

Burger King’s revolutionary Hands Free Whopper device consists of mostly plastic, with a sleek design in a nondescript white color. The burger holder hangs around the user’s neck with a curvy half-circle hamburger shaped holder on the front. Burger King has kept the design simple, with nothing but a Burger King logo tastefully adorning the front of the device.

The Hands Free Whopper burger holder suspends the meal in perfect proximity to the wearer’s mouth, for quick access to nourishment while playing video games or blogging. Because the device is designed specifically for the Whopper, smaller hamburgers will require the wearer to tilt his/her neck a little closer to the device, which may annoy some, but was not an issue in our trials. It also does not include french fry support, so we suggest placing french fries in the Whopper before inserting it into the holder.

The Burger King’s Hands Free Whopper device was rolled out to members of Burger King’s Frequent Chompers Club in Puerto Rico, with only fifty of the devices being given out thus far. There’s no telling when or if Burger King will be releasing the device in the U.S. and beyond, but it would be surprising if Burger King did not bring this to the U.S. market where demand is high.

Check out the video below to see the Hands Free Whopper in action!

[Via: CNET]

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