Nexus 4 finally available in LG’s own backyard through Google Play Store

Nexus 4 finally available in LG's own backyard through Google Play Store

For some reason, LG (or that’s Google) has postponed the launch of the Nexus 4 in South Korea. The smartphone is finally available in the local Google Play Store, from where interested users can buy the 8GB model for 399,000 won (about $350), or the 16GB one for 459,000 won (around $407). Roughly speaking, that’s some $50 more than what U.S. citizens are paying even though all (or at least most of) production is made on LG’s own turf. Guess Koreans have higher taxes to blame for this.

Anyway, if you do live in South Korea and want just the pure Android experience on your mobile phone, this is the phone to get – here’s the link to the 8GB model, and from here you can get the 16GB version. On the other hand, if you don’t live in Korea, clicking on those two links will get you redirected to your local Play Store with a language change.

While I personally love the Nexus 4, I wouldn’t get it today. The reason is simple – it doesn’t have the top-notch hardware (namely processor) and its camera software could use benefit from some enhancements we see in other non-Nexus branded devices…

[Via: AndroidPolice]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Kinda weird decision to postpone the Korean launch for so long…

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