Ultra Light-Sensitive Camera Sensor Made of Graphene May Kill The Need For Flash

A new camera sensor that will make camera flashes relics of the past has been created by a team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The newly developed sensors are made of graphene, and are 1,000 times more sensitive to visible and infrared light. The sensors are versatile, and will be ready to use in everything from smartphones to orbiting satellites.

“We have shown that it is now possible to create cheap, sensitive and flexile sensors from graphene alone, We expect our innovation will have great impact not only on the consumer imaging industry, but also in satellite imaging and communication industries, as well as the mid-infrared applications.” – Wang Qijie, assistant professor at NTU’s school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The new sensors draw their success from its nanostructures, which can hold on to light-generated electron particles for a longer amount of time than other sensors, allowing for a clearer image to be processed.

According to Wang and his team, current camera manufacturers will be able to use their current manufacturing processes to create the new sensors, by simply switching the current metal-oxide semiconductor for one of graphene.

[Via: Tech News Daily]

  • Joe D

    Awesome. Call me in 5 years when they’ve moved beyo

  • JayMankind

    You can safely ignore any “breakthrough” that contains the word “graphene”. From solar cells to batteries it has revolutionized everything. Trouble is it NEVER translates into a product that you and I can use.

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