Nokia EOS leaked, big time!

Nokia EOS

The long-time-rumored Nokia EOS is getting closer to launch. Today we have a whole gallery of photos to show you, compliments to GSMarena and ViziLeaks.

As you’re about to see, Nokia is about to (yet again) re-affirm its position as a maker of the best camera-phone out there. The camera sensor megapixel count is hidden (we see the mark “XX”) but we do think this is the same (or better) 41-megapixel module the Nokia 808 PureView packs. Add a modern mobile platform like Windows Phone to the mix, and you get the best-ever camera smartphone.

Yeah, I think the “extreme” phones like these could help Microsoft grow its share in the smartphone market. Can’t wait to try it out… Here are the mentioned photos. Enjoy!

  • PeterSteinbeck

    And I would add that phones like these could help Nokia get back some of the market…

  • salsero69

    It would be hilarious if put tried to put Android on it.

    • quinyus

      porting android to WM phones was easy back in the day

  • exman000

    I don’t even care if it can take pictures of Pluto from my house, it it’s running Windows Phone, it’s a fail. Not interested.

    • nick

      go to hell

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