iOS 7 : IntoMobile Reacts to Apple’s New Mobile OS

Apple has certainly impressed many people today and here’s what the IntoMobile team had to say about today’s keynote:


I’m very impressed with iOS 7’s new look. While some of the tweaks are rather small, the overall changes from iOS 6 to 7 is pretty crazy. The font is easier on the eyes, even though it does look a bit like Roboto and the new Control Center looks great. The heavy redesign has a few similarities with some competing operating systems, and I was reminded of Windows Phone a few times. Nonetheless, Apple has been hard at work with the latest version of iOS, and it looks better than ever.

I’d still like to see some form of widgets announced for iOS, but that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. Even still, I’ve never been more interested in iOS until today. While I won’t be running out to buy an iPhone anytime soon, I’m at least glad to see that the facelift of iOS is something that’s I find more approachable and less boring.


Tim Cook said that iOS 7 was a big deal for Apple, perhaps the biggest change since the company introduced the iPhone. Though that might be a slight over-statement, it is safe to say that iOS 7 is the beginning of a major overhaul of iOS. When Jony Ive and Craig Federighi took over as the guiding influences on iOS, I knew we would be in for some changes, but I was not expecting so much, so fast. The iOS development team at Apple deserves a loud and long round of applause for all the work that they did in such a short amount of time.

So what did they do so well? First and foremost is the improved use of gestures in the UI. I love, love, love the webOS influences in iOS. The swiping to go forward and back and the swipe to throw away items are two small examples. I also appreciate the fresh, clean UI that graces apps like the Calendar (such a great improvement on this one), Camera, App Store and more. The more robust notifications and the new Control center also bring iOS closer to Android in that department. There’s also a lot of little touches like a lock screen charger graphic that shows the charging percentage before switching to the clock.

On the design side of things, I will warn you, though. I did find the homescreen icon changes to be startling at first — so startling that I shook my head and wondered if Apple knew what it was doing. After using iOS 7 for a while, I became accustomed to the changes. I’m not totally sold on the icons, but they can be easily tweaked an improved. Overall, I like what I see in iOS and believe it is a great foundation on which Apple can build.

One other area that I find compelling about iOS is the desktop integration. Apple is taking its time and slowly integrating iOS and OS X. It’s not a hybrid OS like Windows 8, but a desktop OS with some iOS features and a mobile OS with a few desktop tie-ins. It’s a perfect balance of features in my humble opinion.

Take Maps on OS X, for example. Maps will grab your calendar events and allot a block of time for the travel time. This information can then be synced to your iPhone via iCloud without you doing a thing. If you need more guidance, you can then use maps on the desktop to find your route and then send the navigation details to your iPhone. It’s a wonderful synergy that even the average user will find useful. I don’t know the exact roadmap for iOS and OS X, but I get a feeling the convergence of these two platforms will be powerful force in the future.


Well, I’m impressed. I think it’s safe to say that for the most part, iOS 7 did exceed everyone’s expectations. Many speculated it might just be a fresh and exciting new look, which that it is, but the new features coming are equally as welcome.

Yes, some do clearly play catch-up with what Android has been doing for quite some time. Control Center is one example. “True” multitasking is another. There’s no denying that. It just seems like all across the OS every detail has been refined or enhanced. There are improvements in the Camera app, Photos app, Music app, Weather app, Siri, Notification Center, and more. I’m not even sure if I can choose a favorite. This has been a long time coming and I’m glad it’s finally been unveiled.

What’s even more important for the entire industry is if Apple can stay ahead. Since these are all software features, it seems inevitable that Android will pick up on what Apple has gained with iOS 7. The questions remain: how long will that take and how will Apple continue to innovate? Perhaps Phil Schiller summarized the entire keynote best though: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.”


WWDC has come and gone. Now we all sit and praise the ‘All Mighty Apple’ and worship it in its glory!

In all seriousness, let’s get to what really mattered from what Apple showed off in iOS 7. First and foremost, I have to say that the rumors chirping around about a flatter, black and white modern user interface design were accurate. Apple showed its first major UI overhaul since the inception of the iPhone in 2007. A revamp that was long overdue.

Although the company showed us many new features in iOS, the ones that stuck out to me the most were Mail, Calendar, and Control Center. For starters, both the Calendar and Mail app was in desperate need of a change — now both are clean and modern looking. Control Center is a much-needed addition, but it’s something Android has been doing for its users for years. Apple is just now getting with the times.

Regardless, Apple did enough today to please not only its psychotically loyal fans boys and girls across the globe, but its shareholders. In the end, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to iOS 7 rolling out to my iPhone 5. It will breath new life into the iPhone 4/4S/5.


As a long time Android user, I’m actually very impressed with the iOS 7 release. Although Apple has introduced features that have been baked into Android for a while now, (multitasking, swipe to dismiss notifications, password syncing across devices) they are very welcome, and actually make me consider using an iOS device. Multitasking has finally made its way to iOS, which is the biggest improvement in my opinion. iMusic is also intriguing to me, with the announcement that the service will be free for users who opt for ads while using the service. All in all, the graphic design looks great, even if it does resemble Android Jelly Bean a bit. The addition of “layers” is amazing, allowing users to tilt the device to see apps below the currently running app. The flat icon design is amazing, and sticks true to Apple’s design aesthetics while providing a bold new look for the OS. iOS 7 could just gather enough attention for current iPhone users to stick it out until the next Apple devices are released later this year.



  • Crescendo

    Another STOLEN IDEA from Android’s HOLO UI and WP8 METRO UI combined… Stealing Samsung’s multitasking…..


    Smell another lawsuit to Google for Holo UI, Microsoft for Metro UI, and Samsung for multitasking…..

  • Dion

    How can a group of supposed expert tech writers not have anything critical to say? The white type on a blurry background that incorporates a rainbow of colors from your background image is certainly a bad decision when it comes to readability for example. Especially in sunlight or if you like to keep your screen dim for battery charge reasons.

    Apple must know it can count on you guys to be reliable hype partners.

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