E3 2013: Monolith Soft RPG “X” Coming to Nintendo Wii U Next Year

Nintendo showed off some amazing looking games today, one of them being a new RPG for the Wii U from Japanese developer Monolith Soft. The game is going my the name X, and as it is being developed by the same studio that developed the amazing Xenoblade, Xenogears and Xenoblade Chronicles games of yesteryear. X is expected to be a follow-up of sorts to those titles, with plenty of mech battles and stratergy elements. The game will provide players with an open-world to explore, taking place in magical fantasy landscapes full of robots and lasers.

Monolith’s new offering will be launching next year in 2014, and may be seeing a name change at the time of launch. Check out the trailer for X below.

[Via: MCV]

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