Motorola Rebranding Brings New Logo

After a long silence from Motorola Mobility following Google’s acquisition of the company, a new logo has appeared today, signaling the next chapter in Motorola’s future. The new logo drips with Google’s design aesthetics, while keeping the brand recognizable to those hardcore Motorola fans.

The same stylized “M” remains, with a multi-colored circle surrounding it. Underneath the Motorola name is a small addition, the words “a Google company.” The logo is a breath of fresh air for Motorola, who has not been releasing devices as often as it did before the Google acquisition. The rebranding signals a change for the company, and hammers home the link between Google and Motorola.

The logo looks great, and will more than likely bring attention back to the company. Does the logo redesign mean that Google and Motorola will be launching a new device soon, perhaps the rumored Motorola X?

What are your thoughts on the new logo? We’d love to hear your opinions.

[Via: Android Central]

  • Skeeterrock

    No offense, but the Motorola new redesign can be better. Not digging the Google colors for Moto logo. Rather see a bad rebel type color association. Black, Silver, dark colors with a hip attitude. If Moto uses these colors on the new devices they may loose this longtime Moto customer.

  • Hardcore Motorola fans… Haha! Good one.

  • p-182

    Old Motorola logo was better. Motorola was better without Google.

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