Are These The Backsides of the Rumored Budget iPhone Light?

Some very bright photos have appeared over the last few days, showing what could be the backsides of the fabled budget iPhone, recently dubbed the iPhone Light. The 90’s-ish neon cases sport the Apple logo and iPhone branding, and follow nicely to the colorful redesign of Apple’s iOS, iOS 7.

Although it seems a bit of a stretch to assume that Apple would eschew its metal iPhone body design for a plastic one, these backside photos do seem to reflect the sizing of previous iPhone light component leaks. Various analysts have projected that Apple will release a budget focused iPhone this fall, alongside the iPhone 5s.

Time will tell what Apple has in store for us, as they are set to reveal their next hardware line later this year.

What do you think of the neon backsides? Does it seem a little crazy for Apple to launch devices with such intense colors?

[Via: Slashgear]

  • Roaduardo

    Tweens like bright shiny things.

  • Willie D

    Not a real iPhone back. It doesnt have any of the FCC badges or the like, just the Apple logo and iPhone badge.

  • My opinion

    I think this, or a similar, low cost, bright iPhone would do extremely well. We all know that there are are tons of apple fans that will dish out big bucks for the latest and best iPhone. But there are just as many people that want an iphone that are either on a budget or are out right cheap. This phone is perfect for the latter, I have yet to see ios7 on a 4s but the beta looks absolutely horrible on a 4 (which is the same design) and runs even worse (granted the better processor of the 4s will make it run better with better graphics, but it will still llook scrunched). ios7 looks amazing on the 5 and think it will look great and run well on this possible budget phone. Also the plastic backing will be more durable for those who either buy the cheapest case possible on amazon or brave it without (which let’s face it I would go without a case on this phone). My perdition if this phone is legit is that we will have a 5s at flagship, a 5 at midrange, the new budget phone in the bargain range, and any phone with a 4 in the name will be retired.

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