NVIDIA Gives Us A Glimpse Of Project Logan And Mobile Kepler

Back in March, NVIDIA showed off its roadmap of its Tegra SoCs and what we can expect from them. Well, it may be late July, and we may be still waiting on Tegra 4 devices to pop up, but NVIDIA clearly hasn’t stopped working. The company recently showcased some of the features in Project Logan, with a large focus on Mobile Kepler.

NVIDIA’s Kepler graphics cards are some of the world’s most advanced and powerful for PCs, and the company has been hard at work scaling Kepler for Mobile. And according its latest blog posts, NVIDIA looks to be doing very well with Mobile Kepler.

Check out the videos below!

The first video shows off Ira, the ultra realistic face that NVIDIA showed off at GTC running on a Kepler GPU at 250 watts. The video shows Ira on an Android reference device with Mobile Kepler running at only about 2-3 watts. Impressive stuff.

NVIDIA expects for the first products with Mobile Kepler to ship during the first half of 2014. And given that the company announced that it would be licensing out it’s Kepler architecture, we could see the GPU show up in many different devices.

With the NVIDIA Shield already showing a lot of promise by supporting game streaming from PCs with Kepler GPUs, the idea of having a handheld device with a scaled for mobile solution is certainly exciting.

For an even more in-depth glimpse into Kepler for Mobile, be sure to hit up NVIDIA’s blog posts below!

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