iOS 7 Beta 4 Release Points To Fingerprint Scanning Tech in iPhone 5S, Budget iPhone

It now looks as if fingerprint scanning technology will indeed be included in the next iteration of the iPhone, thanks to a folder spotted in the newest version of iOS which was released for developers today. Included in iOS 7 beta 4 is a folder entitled BiometricKitUI, which could include tools to enable fingerprint scanning on new iDevices.

The contents of the folder detail a fingerprint sensor placed beneath the device’s home button, requiring users to swipe their thumb left or right to unlock the device. The technology could be used not only for phone unlocking purposes but could be used for mobile payments when coupled with NFC technology.

Whether or not the fingerprint scanning comes to the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone or future versions of the iPad remain to be seen. We may be finding out soon, as Apple is rumored to be releasing its new devices in September or early October.

[Via: SlashGear]

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