Moto X To Use Nano-SIM According to Leaked Photo

Another Moto X leak has surfaced today, adding to the mountain of leaked photos and specs we’ve seen over the last few weeks. With Motorola’s big Moto X reveal just a few days away, there’s not much mystery left surrounding this device. Yesterday, we heard that the Moto X may be released on all U.S. carriers simultaneously, and today a new photo reveals that the device will use a nano-SIM card instead of the oft-used micro-SIM.

The leaked nano-SIM photo comes from Hong Kong, showing a removable SIM card tray on the top left side of the device, and a nano-SIM sitting next to it. This means that Moto X users will have to grab a new SIM card, or just take an x-acto knife and trim down their micro-SIM or normal SIM cards. Nano-SIM cards are currently being used in the iPhone 5, and will more than likely be popping up in future Android devices.

August 1st is the big day folks, when Motorola will reveal all about the Moto X. At this point, we’ve seen pretty much everything about the upcoming device, such as its mid-range spec sheet and colorful back panel options. All we need now is pricing and availability details from Motorola, and all will be well in the universe.

[Via: GSM Insider]

  • Willie D

    And for Sprint users, the SIM will be embedded in the phone, lacking a SIM slot, or the SIM slot will be soldered sealed shut.

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