Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 update improves internal storage

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 update improves internal storage

Lenovo is pushing out an OTA update for its low-end IdeaTab A1000. The main thing users will get is the improved internal storage. You see, those who bought this tablet quickly realized they have only 512MB from the total of 16 gigs to store their apps. With the new software, the flash storage is repartitioned, giving users 1.5GB of space to install apps. That’s still not a single partition of 16GB but it’s the step in right direction. And Lenovo noted the issue and is working on a bigger update that will make this happen, allowing users to install all of the games and apps they can “handle.” In the meantime, you’ll have to manage coping with what these new update gets you. And that’s still much more than what you’ve originally had. Hopefully, the Chinese company will quickly follow up with the next update after dealing with all the “technical reasons” that apparently make this a cumbersome process…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Kevin Price

    Anyone know when this update is coming to the UK?

  • Adrian Cabrera

    The total internal memory capacity of the A1000 is 4GB. It is the A3000 that has 16GB of internal storage. So which one needs the update A1000 or A3000?

  • akis

    In my country (Greece) the A1000 comes with 16 GB capacity

  • falh

    plis can u share the link to the mentioned update.

  • Chang

    The problem is I can’t access to the files in SD card directly??

  • Raj

    is there any solution why i am not able to save apps directly to sd card in ideatab a1000g

  • mark

    they need to root before u can save the app to sd card

  • steve

    People in Lenovo company can’t you provide A1000 update in time mostly in India cose users we are about to give up we believe in you people that you can do us best but our work is down because of waiting for new updates so do same thing prize from India Bangalore.

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