North American iOS 7 Installations Rapidly Increase: Now On 74 Percent of iPhones, 63 Percent of iPads

Apple sure has a handle on OS fragmentation. The company’s most recent release of their mobile OS, iOS 7 has already made its way to the majority of iPhones and iPads in North America. iOS 7 now functions on 74.1% of iPhones and 63.8% of iPads, accounting for 51% of North America’s iOS based internet traffic. This quick adoption blows the doors off of iOS 6 adoption, which had penetrated 83% of ¬†iDevices six months following its release. It took only two months for iOS 7 to make it to 74%.

The numbers come to us by way of Chitika, who gathered the data by analyzing ad impressions gathered between October 25th and November 18th in Canada and the U.S.

Around 22.4% of iPhones are still operating on iOS 6, while 24.6% of iPads operate on the old iOS. Surprisingly, iOS 5 is still being used on many iPads, as the data shows an 8.8% iOS 5 usage rate in its iPad traffic. The spike in iOS adoption could have a correlation to brisk iPhone 5s sales, which has resulted in Apple increasing production of said smartphones.



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