Nexus 5 gets a slightly revised body

Nexus 5 gets a slightly revised body

If you consider yourself an early adopter and went for the Nexus 5 the second it was launched, you may’ve noticed the device isn’t exactly perfect. In fact, some users complained about “cutting-edge” display frame, protruding SIM tray, as well as noisy and shaky buttons.

Google noticed the problem and is now shipping the phone with slightly revised body which doesn’t have any of the flaws mentioned above: the power button is stiffer and sits in place properly, volume buttons are sturdier, while speaker and microphone holes are larger.

Folks who were first to buy the Nexus 5 are left behind though they could try complaining and ask for a replacement unit. We’re not sure the search giant will be able to accommodate every single request, but nothing stops you from giving it a try. 😉

[Via: PocketDroid]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s kinda shame what Google did. Nexus 5 should’ve been the perfect device from the get-go.

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    Looks like Apple’s going to sue LG and Google soon, teardrop design I see.

  • Sebastian Szukalski

    How would you go about getting your “old” model swapped out anyway?

  • Jolly Smith

    Look like Apple and Nokia. Is it new other than?

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