Xbox One available on Amazon, grab it by Dec. 30 — Go, Hurry!

The Xbox One has been one of the hottest items of the year to get your hands, with the gaming console being in limited supply at most retailers. The demand is so crazy that Microsoft’s latest machine sold one million consoles on launch date. Now Amazon once again has the device up for sale, and it guarantees¬†delivery by December 30 via One-Day Shipping.

If you can’t wait to get your Xbox One, then you can opt for Amazon’s One-Day Shipping as it brings the console to you the quickest on Monday. However, those of you Prime Members can grab it through the free 2-day shipping that comes with the membership; this will bring the Xbox One to you on Tuesday.

Anyway, go grab the Xbox One Console here!

  • Brian Lee

    Seriously? Charles you must be joking. You can find an Xb1 anywhere. They are just sitting on shelves.

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