Sony to launch a Windows Phone device this year?

Sony to launch a Windows Phone device this year?

Sony may be expanding to the Windows Phone universe, The Information is reporting. According to their findings, the Japanese giant is in the midst of talking with Microsoft over licensing fees, preloaded software, and other topics.

It is said that Sony had already developed some prototypes when it previously considered embracing the platform.

The way I see things it makes sense for Sony to ask its own software and services preloaded on any devices it will sell. Moreover, they may not like the fact that Microsoft is about to finalize its acquisition of Nokia, which is a clear leader in the Windows Phone market. In that sense, Sony would have to put it some extra effort in order to differentiate its products from any number of Lumias.

Presuming Sony does manage to find a mutual ground with Microsoft, it will use its Vaio brand for the Windows Phone line-up.

Meanwhile, the Redmond giant is looking for other vendors to enter the eco-system and has apparently conducted talks with ZTE to grow its presence in China. And with Huawei also on board, Windows Phone may be well on its way to emerge as the third viable eco-system. We’ll see how that goes…

[Via: TheVerge]

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