HTC-made Nexus 10 coming later this year?

HTC-made Nexus 10 coming later this year?

HTC had hard time succeeding in the tablet market, despite launching some rock-solid devices in the past. If I would have to pinpoint one reason why the Taiwanese company failed to gain traction in this space, I would say – timing. They had great products but at the time they were introduced in the market, not that many people wanted a tablet.

Today, however, the situation is totally different with a number of different companies competing for the user’s attention. And with more folks getting tablets, now may be the right time to “stage a comeback.”

Guess what? HTC may be mulling something like that as we speak. According to the Taiwanese media, the company has scored a deal with Google to make a “high end” Nexus tablet. Yup, this could be the next Nexus 10, which will reportedly officially debut at some point in the third quarter.

It’s about time we see HTC returning to the “Nexus scene,” which they’ve started with the original Nexus One. This could also be the chance for the company to get back to the tier-one league. We want HTC to succeed and making the next Nexus 10 tablet could certainly help them move in the right direction. What do you say?

[Via: G4Games]

  • Nick V

    If it’s a Nexus, I’ll buy it. Since moving away from OEMs, I have been a lot happier with my devices.

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