Nokia patents a flexible battery with ribbon-like design

Nokia patents a flexible battery with ribbon-like design

We all know that flexible phones and tablets will eventually hit mainstream consumer, but we also know that screen is just one piece of the puzzle; in order to have true flexible devices, other components should also be bendable.

Nokia’s recent patent, presuming it’s ever turned into a real product, could help solve the “battery problem.” The filing describes a flexible battery with Swiss roll-like design, making it perfect for devices that bend and twist in all directions.

The battery apparatus consists of a single battery ribbon that’s spread in two blocks – the anode and cathode, connected with an interconnecting portion in-between. The ribbon is encased in vacuum packaging with its middle connecting portion configured to contact a first side of the interconnecting portion, and a second opposite side of the interconnecting portion.

According to Nokia, this kind of battery is suitable for all kinds of portable electronic devices, including “mobile phone, a gaming device, a music player, a notebook computer, or a personal digital assistant.” Surprisingly, smart watch is not on the list even though it seems like a perfect device for this kind of technology. Or so we think… Anyway, no word when, or even whether, this bendable battery will ever be released…

[Via: NokiaPowerUser, PhoneArena]

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