Straight Talk Wireless Offering Nano-SIM Card for $7, Compatible With iPhone 5S, 5C

If you own a smartphone which utilizes a nano-SIM card, Straight Talk Wireless has a deal for you! The MVNO recently added a nano-SIM card to its SIM card lineup, allowing owners of a Moto X, iPhone 5S, 5C or other nano-SIM touting device to be used on its pre-paid network. If your device is unlocked, you can use Straight Talk’s nano-SIM without a hitch. If not, you’ll have to check and see if your device is supported using Straight Talk’s device compatibility checker.

The nano-SIM will only run you $6.99, and can be purchased online directly through Straight Talk or from Wal-Mart retail location. Straight Talk offers a $45 prepaid plan which offers unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for 4G devices. It’s worth noting that Straight Talk will begin throttling your data speeds once you reach 2.5GB of usage.

For more details, check out Straight Talk’s webpage and prepare for some serious savings!

via: GigaOm

  • Mitchem

    lol…i am still waiting for the pico sim…….instead of making the sim smaller and smaller why not make an integrated one and the accesss with the network will be done with the imei number…hm…just a suggestion lol

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