Upcoming Burger King App Will Let You Buy A Whopper With Your Smartphone

Burger King is going mobile, allowing Whopper fans in the U.S. a quick and easy way to purchase their tasty hamburgers. The fast food giant will soon release a mobile app, which will deliver coupons, deals and the ability to pay via the app. Payment with the app will function much like a gift card, allowing customers to purchase credit that will be applied to the app, a virtual wallet of sorts.

According to Bloomberg, the app, developed by Tillster Inc. should appear in Burger King locations within a few months, and will be available in all Burger King locations, no matter how remote. While the app doesn’t yet include the ability to place orders before arriving at the location, that feature could arrive in the near future.

Burger King hasn’t stated which platforms the company’s app will land on, but we can assume iOS and Android, with Windows Phone to follow eventually.

via: Bloomberg

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