Dismantling the Samsung Galaxy S5 Ain’t Easy, iFixit Teardown Video Proves

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be landing in stores across the U.S. tomorrow, changing everyone’s lives FOREVER. Ok, maybe I’m embellishing a little. But the GS5 is a beast of a phone in many regards. Taking apart and repairing the thing is one of those.

A teardown video from iFixit shows us that dismantling the GS5 is no easy task. Sure, the back panel pops off with ease, allowing us to replace the battery with just a few simple steps. But once you decide to get into the guts of the GS5, things become a little trickier.

iFixit gave the GS5 a 5 on their repairability scale, 10 being the easiest to repair and 1 being the most difficult. Why did the GS5 get a 5? Check out the list below.

Check out iFixit’s teardown video below, and be sure to check out iFixit’s website to check out the GS5 teardown in pictures.

via: iFixit

  • C Jacobs

    What video did you watch? The iFixit video shows that the Galaxy S 5 is quite easy to dismantle.

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