Boost Mobile Opens Pre-Registration for Samsung Galaxy S5, Will Arrive in May

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is landing on every major U.S. carrier today, Boost Mobile is going to have to wait a bit before offering the hot new device. Boost Mobile has begun pre-orders for the GS5 today, revealing that the company would begin to sell the GS5 in May. Interested customers can sign up for updates about the device’s release by heading here and clicking on the ‘notify me’ button.

Boost hasn’t let slip any pricing details yet, but I can’t imagine seeing the GS5’s price rise much higher than what others are selling it for, around $650 off-contract. Being that Boost offers strictly pre-paid plans, you’ll have to buy the GS5 outright. Not a bad deal when you consider all the money you’ll save not having to sign a two-year contract.

We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge about the GS5 landing on Boost Mobile. In the meantime, head over to Boost Mobile’s page and pre-register for the GS5.

via: Boost

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