Samsung Galaxy S5 selling like cupcakes, breaks Galaxy S4’s record!

Samsung Galaxy S5 selling like cupcakes, breaks Galaxy S4's record!

Some think the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S5 is a disappointment, but many love it. In fact, the sales of the company’s latest flagship have managed to set a new record, beating the achievement of its predecessor by over 30%! Moreover, in some European markets the Galaxy S5 sales have surpassed those of the Galaxy S4 more than twice; and the number would be even higher had the new smartphone stock not depleted in many places.

Samsung launched its latest flagship on Friday in 125 countries, making it the largest-scale launch for the Korean company. Additional 25 markets will follow in the next few days, bringing the total number to countries where you can buy the Galaxy S5 to 150!

We’ve no information how HTC is doing with its All New One, but we doubt their numbers come even close to what Samsung has managed to pull off. While many prefer the One’s all-metal body, it seems that Samsung’s massive marketing budget is hard to beat…

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  • I went and checked it out yesterday, was not impressed. The front looks ugly around the screen, and it’s just the same old thing from Samsung. Holding on to my Note 3 until Sammy brings the good stuff.

  • slufnevets

    Why is it when Samsung is crushing it in sales with one of their new flagship devices, almost unanimously Tech Reviewers make excuses for the HTC One and its lack of sales? Could it be that the buying public feels the same about Tech Reviewers opinion as they do about Movie Critics reviews of movies? If a movie critic gives a thumbs down, I generally think it’s probably a good movie. Why are Tech Reviewers so in love with the HTC One? No removable battery, until this year, no micro SD card, and a camera that sucks. Yes, I like the speakers, but I don’t give a flip about that metal case. I’m on my 4th Samsung device, all with plastic bodies. I say plastic is more durable, lighter, and may absorb drops better than the metal phones. The garbage about TouchWiz vs Sense UI is highly overated. As a power user, once I really put many of Samsung’s so called gimmicky apps to use, I found many of them extremely useful. The bottom line is, the buying public speaks with their pocket books, and maybe these so called expert Tech Reviewers need to wake up and stop their lovefest with HTC and their metal encased phones!

    • chris000

      Thank you! I couldnt of said it better…

  • Louie Kulla

    Big disappointment of a phone… Their chief design manager even got fired for it… Don’t believe this article.

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